For companies that manufacture fabrics and want us to help them produce them.

Our goal

Our aim is to become the customer’s production department or an extension of their own. We offer our machinery and knowledge and make them available to our customers.


This is the process through which all the threads are prepared and laid out lengthways. The threads are rolled up on a beam.


Comsa Ausa 1000 warping machine  Comsa beam-to-beam rewinding machine

  • Motifs with up to 672 threads (or 1,344 if symmetrical)
  • Beams up to 3 m wide and beam disc 1.1 m in diameter
  • Waxing unit
  • Rotating creel with auto-advance


Weaving is the process in which lengthways threads (warp) and transverse threads (weft) are intertwined to produce the fabric.


Uster Delta 1 automatic drawing-in machine  20 Picanol Optimax, Gammax and Gamma looms

  • Articles between 1.15 m and 3.40 wide
  • Articles with 24 frames (ask if 28 are required)
  • Articles with double beams
  • Articles with letters or motifs (up to 144 threads)
  • Articles with cast off, melted or cut selvedges
  • Articles with 8 woofs or wefts
  • Articles rolled up or folded (large rollers available)

Texber innovates to meet new challenges and enable our customers to grow.